Binghamton University Art & Design

February 14, 2019

Project 1: Postcard Project

For this project, I wanted to set a goal for myself this semester to keep myself busy because I tend to procrastinate. The postcard is supposed to be motivational for me in the sense that I should keep myself occupied with things I have to do instead of putting it off. What inspired me to use the bee analogy was a picture I took years ago where a bee was pollinating a flower. I used the bee's ability to work continuously and tried to relate it to my own life.

Frebraury 28, 2019

Project 2: Line Logo Project

The icon created is supposed to represent the meaning of the word "literal" since many of the work I have done is more literal than abstract. When searching for a pictorial representation of the word, I came across some metaphors expressed in its actual meaning rather than its symbolic meaning. For example, I found pictures of the term "Its raining cats and dogs" in a literal sense. I decided to use these metaphors as a way to both represent my design style and one aspect of who I am as a person. The icon is a literal representation of the term "On the fence," which describes me since I am a very indecisive person.

I also made this set of icons because I liked it as an icon for my website much more than the first line icon I made, but I wanted the meaning of the first icon more. I created this icon because I love flowers and because a lot of my artwork revolves around them and other types of plants.

April 2, 2019

Project 3: Article Project

Shell shocked: Emerging impacts of our acidifying seas

The article I chose was about how the acidification of the oceans are negatively affecting the coral reefs and the organisms that live in them. I wanted to show one effect in acidification where the color of the coral is "bleached," meaning that the components that keep coral colorful are released when the coral is stressed. The longer the coral is in this state, the sicker the coral becomes. The illustration shows that although the coral may look the same, the liveliness the color brings to them is absent.

9 signs you’re overdue for a mental health day

This article was about knowing when to take a mental health day off. Many people go through these signs but ignore them due to their sense of responsibility. The article explains that while pushing oneself to accomplish work admirably, it may be more beneficial for one's health and productivity to take a break and recollect. Like in the previous article, I wanted to juxtapose the two different scenarios. One is a person struggling with their mental health. The other is the same person taking a mental break. I used patterns that overlay the person to show the mental state of the person in each scenario. I also used color to show set the atmosphere of each scene.

Avocados: History of an unlikely but legitimate healthy food craze

This article was basically about the history of the avocado and why people today are trending towards avocado consumption. It also explains the nutritious benefits of the avocado. Since part of the article centered around why people today love avocado, I decided to make an illustration of people worshiping the avocado in all its glory. I originally wanted to make a pattern, but I thought the worshiping idea was more fun.

May 9, 2019

Project 4: UX design

I worked with a group to analyze and make changes to the Binghamton University Residential Life website. I created a sitemap, journey map, and wireflow to show how the site can be changed to benefit the users. My part of the group was to create a journey map and wireflow for a prospective RA. UX Design PDF